First Blog List

why so short

One of my goals with this blog is to post daily and have each of these posts consist of two paragraphs, with a total of no more than ten sentences. If necessary, three paragraphs, but still under ten sentences. I am keeping it short to:

  • make it possible to actually post daily and stick to it
  • because when I have previously started blogs, I had no limit and I thought about everything WAY too much, and ended up doing myself in and not posting very consistently
  • practice clarity and conciseness

So far, so good. There may be special posts that are separated out later into other categories, not appearing in the main blog section, and those posts may get to be longer if they want to be. But for the main blog, short will do nicely. Special thanks to Jeff Hilimire and this post of his for helping me to start this blog in a way that actually (finally!) works for me.